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National Tsing Hua University Award for Outstanding Conference Proceeding Papers of Students in International Conferences.

publish date : 2022-06-29 update date : 2022-06-29

1. Application period: July 1st to July 31st, 2022

2. Eligibility:

(1) Applicants are requested to be master or doctoral students of NTHU when they present papers.

(2) Every paper is restricted to be used to apply by one student. In principle the first author can represent the other co-authors to apply after getting their agreement.

(3) The papers are requested to be presented in the name of National Tsing Hua University.

(4) The presentation period of papers is from August 1st, 2021 to July 31st in 2022.

3. Application procedures:

(1) Online application: NTHU Academic Information System → Office of R&D Information System → System Portal Site → Outstanding Conference Proceeding Paper Award at National Tsing Hua University

(2) Applicants are requested to apply online and upload e-files of the following documents:

      1. The full text or the abstract of the paper
      2. The official document indicating that a paper has been accepted for presentation at a conference
      3. Certification of Award
      4. The recommendation letter of the faculty adviser
      5. Other documents that could assist the evaluation of the application

(3) Please print out the Application FormReceiptAgreement of Remittance, and submit them to Office of R&D.

        1. Application Form
        2. Receipt: Please download the e-file of the receipt, fill in information needed, print out, sign your name, and then submit it to Office of R&D.
        3. Agreement of Remittance: If you are a fresh graduate in this year, please download the e-file of the Agreement of Remittance, fill in information needed, print out, sign your name, enclose a copy of the cover of your bank passbook, and then submit it to Office of R&D.

4. After passing the review, the representative applicant will be awarded the incentives and the certification. The other co-authors will be awarded the certification. The amount of the incentives depends on the budget.

5. Contact window

Name: Huei-Mei Lan, Office of R&D, NTHU

Tel: +886-3-5715131, Ext. 35542

Emailhmlan @mx.nthu.edu.tw

Category: General R&D