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Funding Opportunity (MOST) [Science Vanguard Research Program] Deadline for NTHU application form submission : November. 24, 2020

publish date : 2020-09-21 update date : 2020-09-21


  1. The Ministry of Science and Technology is requesting for the「Science Vanguard Research Program」plan for the year 2021. The deadline is 5pm on 24th of November.

  1. For further information, please visit the MOST website https://www.most.gov.tw/folksonomy/detail/2d4860e8-bb93-4743-803f-1c68829bbb4d?l=CH&utm_source=rss

  1. Please contact:
  1. Miss Tseng02-27377521soa231@most.gov.tw
  2. Mr. Kao02-27377521spkao@most.gov.tw
  3. MOST Information Management Unit,problem occurred when operating computer system: 0800-212-058、02-2737-7590,misservice@most.gov.tw,If you have any question about the application.

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