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【Funding Application Announcement】Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Funding for Holding International Academic Conferences in Taiwan, R.O.C. (2020 first time)

publish date : 2020-02-17 update date : 2020-02-17
Funding Application Announcement:
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Funding for Holding International Academic Conferences in Taiwan, R.O.C.
(2020 first time)

Office of R&D, NTHU
February 17th, 2020
Contact window:Mrs. Fen Lin
Tel:03-5715131, extension number 35173

1. Deadline for submission/ application:12:00 noon, March 31st, 2020

2. Dates of holding conferences:After April 1st, 2020 (including all year round in 2021)

3. Application procedures:

(1) Applications must be completed online using the ”Academic Research Service Portal” on the homepage of Ministry of Science and Technology. https://www.most.gov.tw/?l=en

(2) After submission, please inform Mrs. Fen Lin of Office of R&D, NTHU.
Tel:03-5715131, extension 35173

4. Contact window of MOST:

(1) To avoid the situation of network congestion, please apply in your early convenience. If you need support of network operation, please contact system maintenance engineers.

(2) If you have any other questions about application, please contact Miss Sun.

5. Regulations of MOST Funding for Holding International Academic Conferences in Taiwan, R.O.C.:Please refer to the following website:https://www.most.gov.tw/sci/ch/detail?article_uid=1360c09c-0890-47ae-9275-cecefe5a3167&menu_id=6b4a4661-9126-4d0c-897a-4022c82114a9&content_type=P&view_mode=listView

6. Supplementary requirements:

(1) In the same application submitted to more than 2 agencies for funding, applicants are requested to list the full amount of budget, items and amount of budget to various agencies respectively.

(2) For those experts or scholars invited to participate in international academic conferences, applicants can not apply for additional MOST Funding for International Technology Professionals for Short-term Visit.

(3) To encourage to hold large-scale (1000 Attendees or more) international academic conferences with international academic organizations, applicants are requested to fill in the numbers of foreign scholars and countries ( at least 3 countries including Taiwan, R.O.C., but China, Hong Kong and Macao are not included)

(4) For applications getting the funding, applicants are requested to disclose "Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology" on the spots of conferences and printed materials (such as posters, essays, notices, manuals). For applications not getting the funding, applicants can not appeal.

7. Expected announcement date of review conclusion:June 1st, 2020
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Editor: 林芬