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Office of Research Development

publish date : 2019-09-09 update date : 2021-07-05

Roles and Responsibilities

Lee, Hui-Ling
(03)5715131 ext.35007
  1. Scheduling vice president of R&D and visitor reception
  2. Overall management of R&D department funds
  3. Performance appraisal, promotion and selection of outstanding personnel of R&D department
  4. R&D conference and research staff review committee meeting
  5. Assessment of University-Research Centers
  6. Document of R&D department
  7. Campus notice, investigation and contact related information forward and transfer
  8. Consolidation data
  9. Administrative work subsidy
  10. R&D electronic document registration desk
  11. R&D property management
Research Assistant
Chung, Shu-Chen
(03)5715131 ext.35175
  1. Handling of issues related to compilation of various reports
  2. Handling of issues related to Tsing Hua lab
  3. Handling of issues related to BioTechnology Building
  4. Contact window of the English website of the Office of R&D
  5. Maintenance Facebook of the Office of R&D
  6. Budget write-off and approval for the Office of R&D
  7. Management of billing and inter-center procurement contracts of the Office of R&D
Administrative Assistant
(03)5715131 ext.35125
Information system design and development
Research Assistant
(03)5715131 ext.35126
Information system design and development
Manager of Tsing Hua Lab.
Chang, Chih- Chi
(03)5715131 ext.34502
  1. Site management
  2. Property management
  3. Water, electricity and fire equipment management
Assistant of Tsing Hua Lab.
Chou, Hsien- Wen
(03)5715131 ext.34503
(03)5715131 ext.34503
Contract Staff
(03)5715131 ext.35007
  1. Site cleaning management
  2. Document delivery