Funding Opportunity (MOST) [Grant Proposal] MOST 2021 Annual Special Research Subsidies Program

publish date : 2020-11-06 update date : 2021-01-11


Dear Professor and Colleagues,

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) 2021 Annual Special Research Subsidies Program is now open to apply. The deadline for internal application is January 4 (before 12 noon), 2021 (Taiwan Time). Each department should submit the application list and related documents to Project Management Team before January 4 (before 15:00), 2021 (Taiwan Time).


  1. Contact window for Person In-Charge of R&D Department Project Management of each colleges:
  1. Ms. Chen (#31182): College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Technology Management, Research Centers.
  2. Ms. Luo (#35134): College of Engineering, College of Humanities & Social Science.
  3. Ms. Gao (#35131): College of Arts, College of Education, Center of Teacher Education.
  4. Ms. Yin (#35010): Department of Science, College of Life Science, College of Nuclear Science, Tsing Hua College, others.
  5. Enquiries regarding to MOST system computer operations, please contact: 0800-212-058, 02-2737-7590, 7591, 7592.

Person-in-Charge of each department should proceed to MOST website, Special Research Project Online Application System. Search condition: Special Research Project: All; Project Year: 2021; Status: Temporary Save.

Please take note for the number of applications of department’s professor and their qualifications:

  • Job Title: Applicants’ job title should write an official internal title, such as Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or Contract Researcher). Please do not fill in the title as Lecturer or Distinguished Professor and ensure the eligibility of applicants. Please fulfil the process requirement Section 3, correct item.
  • Application List: Person in-Charge (PIC) of the faculties should double confirm the applicants’ job title and the selecting of terms and conditions of the eligibility to apply. If there is any mistaken on the applicants’ job title, please request the applicants to correct it (if the time is sufficient enough to make the changes). If there is any mistake on selecting the terms and conditions, PIC should assist upon the correction through the online system directly.
  • Retirees: For applicants who have retired, please mention the national honor or awards on the request of approval. Besides, please also mention that “During the program, The Department is willing to provide relevant space and equipment for the research. The Department will take the responsibility on administrations’ paper works.” (Request of approval: Signature of applicants and Person in-Charge of the Department, Approved by Research Management Division and Handled by R&D Department) (Please apply as earlier as possible).
  • 65 years old: Applicants with the age of 65 and above (including turning into 65-year-old), who received an approval to extend his/her service. Official photocopy of the employment contract or extended employment period must provide to the office by Person in-Charge (PIC) of the faculties. (Please apply as earlier as possible).
  • Large instrument application: Large instruments, which single purchase unit is over NTD 500 million and above is needed to purchase for the research project, additional application form CM10-1 is required. Application form should be sign by the departments’ Person-in-Charge (R&D and Principal) and upload together with the application form. (Applicants should send in earlier for the cover page of the proposal (Form CM01), application form of large instruments (CM10-1) and signing order to our department for verification). (Please process as earlier as possible)
  • Sharing hostProject consists of more than one member, please ensure that all the members has login confirm and sign the agreement online before submitting.
  • Research Ethics: Researchers who are first time to apply as a project host and applicants listed in the application in MOST project should complete the Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE) for at least 6 hours within 3 years from the date of application of MOST project (from the submission date from the applicant institute to MOST). The proof of document should submit to the applicant institute for future reference. Besides, researchers who are first time to participate MOST project should complete the Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE) for 6 hours within 3 months from the project starting date. The proof of document should submit to the applicant institute for future reference. (Enquiries regarding to Research Ethics, please contact NTHU Research Ethics Committee)
  • The attachment is the announcement of the Call. For more details, please visit the website of the MOST ( and the bulletin of the Deparment of Department of Planning (


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